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​Optimise your IT asset management with the OCS Inventory GreenIT plugin. This powerful and intuitive tool enables you to monitor and analyse the use of your IT resources efficiently. Discover how the GreenIT plugin can help you reduce your costs and your environmental impact by assessing the power consumption of your IT assets and estimating their energy cost.


GreenIT Plugin, what exactly are we talking about?

OCS Inventory is a complete open source IT asset management solution that lets you scan, inventory and manage all your IT assets. Among its many features, OCS Inventory offers the GreenIT plugin, a valuable tool that uses the data gathered from your IT asset inventory to give you an overall view of the power consumption of your IT infrastructure.

How does it work? We have developed a powerful tool for measuring the power consumption of your installed base of machines. This information is consolidated in the OCS Inventory server, before being cross-referenced with information from the main electricity suppliers in France to provide you with an estimate as close as possible to reality.

Why should I use GreenIT ?

The OCS Inventory GreenIT plugin lets you map the electricity consumption of your IT equipment. This data helps you to identify the equipment that consumes the most energy and the reasons for this consumption.

The aim of the plugin is to provide you with all the information you need about your electricity consumption, so that you can make the right decisions to reduce your environmental impact and, consequently, cut your associated energy costs.
To get a clear and precise view of your energy expenditure, GreenIT will give you the opportunity to evaluate your costs linked to the electricity consumption of your IT infrastructure, according to your electricity suppliers. Calculate your savings and take a step towards adopting practices aimed at reducing the environmental impact of your IT assets.

Green management of your IT infrastructure is now possible with the GreenIT plugin!

The big picture

The GreenIT plugin includes a dashboard designed to monitor and manage the power consumption and associated costs of your IT infrastructure. All your energy data is summarized in a clear and intuitive dashboard, which compiles your average and total consumption, in kilowatt hours (kW/H) and in euros (€).

The dashboard allows you to analyze and compare your energy data according to the defined periods:

  • Previous day statistics

  • Comparison of data over 30 days and 365 days

  • Comparative diagram cost (€) / consumption (KWh)

GreenIT dashboard

Get into detail

The GreenIT plugin allows you to get detailed information about your electrical consumption,enabling you to decide on actions to take to reduce your environmental impact.

Using the filters, you have a very precise view of your energy consumption, by different criteria:

  • Operating system

  • Asset class

  • Groups you have defined

  • Etc.

You have a global view of your energy consumption according to the chosen criteria, with a varied range of dashboards at your fingertips.

GreenIT dashboard filtered view

In short, the GreenIT plugin provides a complete overview of the energy consumption and costs associated with your IT infrastructure. These details will provide you with the knowledge you need to manage and make the decisions required to take concrete action on your organisation's environmental impact.

Using GreenIT allows you to :

  • A map of your electricity consumption: rapid identification of the most energy-hungry elements

  • An estimate of the associated energy costs: thanks to our gateway with the APIs of the various suppliers, you have the most accurate estimate possible.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint: by analysing the impact of the actions you've taken.


The GreenIT plugin is an essential tool for anyone wanting to manage their IT infrastructure more responsibly and in line with their organisation's sustainable development values.

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