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serenity & security

Are you still wondering what advantages you would have to offer yourself the editor's expertise for a free solution?

Leave nothing to chance

The IT asset inventory is the foundation of asset management and, by extension, of ITSM. It is important to rely on a solid solution that has proven itself over the years, including in fleets of tens of thousands of devices.


Save time

By its free nature, you can freely use OCS Inventory and adapt it to your infrastructure. However, this can be extremely time-consuming andrequires advanced development skills as well as system and network administration.


Securing your information system

The integration, support and maintenance of your IT asset inventory solution can effectively prevent the risk of attacks. The proper feedback of information from your machines, coupled with monitoring of the appearance of security vulnerabilities (CVE), optimizes risk preventionand contributee to your cybersecurity strategy.


Ensure ROI and control your budget

By opting for professional services around a free solution, you benefit from severaladvantages :

  • Limit costs by not paying for licenses

  • Benefit from continuous software improvement over a very long period of

  • Keep control of your solution, including in the event of termination of the contract

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