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A must for CIOs

Among the tools necessary for the proper functioning of a DSI, OCS Inventory stands out as a world reference for the inventory of all the equipment of the park. It constitutes the base of all the components of the management of information systems. It is thanks to him that your ITSM tool will become efficient for a fine control of all your assets.

Why make an inventory of your computer equipment?

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Monitor your machines

It is sometimes difficult to measure the importance of the inventory of a computer park. Faced with increasingly important cybersecurity challenges, companies and their CIOs nevertheless have every interest in acquiring the best asset management solutions to monitor, act and secure their information systems. The exponential growth in the number of references both on the device and hardware side and on the software side makes the task all the more complex to carry out. A high-performance solution for network scanning and stock inventory is therefore essential for all CIOs. Well configured and maintained, it allows rigorous and exhaustive monitoring of each piece of equipment. The final objective is then to ensure that a company's employees can work in good conditions.

Feeding your ITSM tools

ITSM (Information Technology System Management) is the central node of all the disciplines covered by CIOs. An ITSM solution works optimally only by benefiting from data from the inventory. For example, your ServiceDesk, allowing you to process, list and quantify employee requests, is self-supplied with information on the machines thanks to your inventory tool. Another example: you can control the compliance of your software licenses and their costs in a few clicks because your inventory tool will have reported all the information concerning the software installed on all the machines in the fleet. For information, OCS Inventory is compatible with many third-party tools such as ITSM-NG, iTop, CMDBuild or GLPI.


Improving risk prevention

You have understood it: the inventory of the IT equipment is also one of the keys to answering certain security questions. This occurs particularly during the choices offered to your collaborators concerning the acquisition of hardware and software.

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What is the best solution to carry out the inventory of its IT equipment?

Communication between server and agents

One of the first purposes of a good computer inventory tool is to display the data of all the machines in a single interface accessible from any terminal. This is possible by setting up communication flows between a server dedicated to your inventory tool and agents installed on the machines in your fleet. The agents will be responsible not only for collecting information from the equipment on which they are installed, but also from the equipment connected to it.

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