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CVE Search

Discover how OCS Inventory's CVE Search can transform the management of your information system. Use your IT inventory to quickly detect CVE vulnerabilities and take action to secure your system against security threats.


CVE Search, what are we talking about?

OCS Inventory, a complete open source IT asset management solution, extends beyond hardware and software inventory to include the detection of security vulnerabilities thanks to the CVE Search functionality. This feature identifies known vulnerabilities (CVE: Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) in the software installed in your IT estate, helping to protect your sensitive systems and data.

CVE vulnerabilities represent security breaches in software, operating systems or devices, and can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information. So it's vital to identify them, and to know which machines are affected, so that the right corrective measures can be taken.

​Why use CVE Search?

Protecting your IT assets from security breaches is of paramount importance to your organisation. CVE Search enables you to automatically identify the presence of CVE vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure on a daily basis.

It's as simple as it is effective! Once the CVE Search functionality has been integrated into your OCS Inventory, a daily scan for CVE vulnerabilities is automatically performed, bringing up all the CVE vulnerabilities that have been identified in your IT infrastructure. Once these vulnerabilities have been identified, you can take the necessary measures to ensure the security of your IT assets.

We automatically feed a large and exhaustive database of security vulnerabilities (CVE, RCE, etc.) on a daily basis. With our tools developed specifically to make this database one of the most comprehensive sources on the market, we can guarantee that cross-referencing our information with the versions of each machine and each piece of software inventoried by OCS Inventory in your estate gives you maximum visibility in terms of cybersecurity.

Improve the visibility of IT managers

The CVE Search feature of OCS Inventory gives you a global and simplified view of all CVE vulnerabilities in your IT fleet. A clear inventory report allows you to prioritize CVE security breaches across your entire IT infrastructure.

CVE Search allows you to quickly find relevant vulnerabilities and take steps to protect your information system from security threats.

A detailed view of the detected CVE is available, grouped into 3 separate tables:

  • By CVSS: by classifying security vulnerabilities by the CVSS vulnerability score in order to allow you to act in criticality order

  • By software: analyze which software is affected by a CVE vulnerability. Get more details by clicking on the details icon 🔍

  • By computer: know which machine in your computer park is concerned, and get an accurate listing of the CVE security vulnerabilities associated with it.

In short, CVE Search will become a real management tool for all IT managers, and its simplicity and fluidity will make it a key part of your cybersecurity strategy.

CVE Search will enable you to :

  • Automatically detect CVEs in your IT estate

  • Manage and prioritise the CVE vulnerabilities detected

  • Generate detailed, comprehensive reports

  • Strengthen your cybersecurity strategy by gaining a clearer picture of the vulnerabilities present in your IT infrastructure

The list of CVEs is automatically updated thanks to our in-house solution, making it the most comprehensive source, and is cross-referenced with the versions of each machine and each piece of software inventoried by OCS Inventory.

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