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OCS Inventory adds various essential components for the proper management of your information system. The inventory of computer equipment and remote deployment by packets are the two main features of the asset management solution. Cela  makes it, in a way, the "eye" to observe and the "hand" to act on the machines of your network.

scan réseau


OCS Inventory uses an agent that launches an inventory on client computers, and a management server that centralizes inventory results. The web administration console allows you to view these inventory results, the network hardware detected and to be able to create deployment packages.


The management server breaks down as follows:

  • Database server

  • Communication server

  • Deployment Server

  • Communications interface

déployer paquets

Remote deployment

OCS Inventory includes a package deployment solution on remote computers. From the server's administration interface, you can upload the packages which will be downloaded using the HTTP/HTTPS protocols and launched by the agent on the remote computers.

  • No traffic overload on the network

  • Status feedback on deployments

  • Statistics on deployed packages

You create a package through the administration interface. Once the package is created, you activate it. Finally, you select which computers to deploy the package to, and assign it.

scan réseau

Network scan

The discovery of materials takes place in two stages.

First, the IP search module detects hardware on the network, even provided with a firewall. After an agent is instructed to perform its subnet discovery, it identifies the first network interface to use. It then tries to resolve by ARP all the IP addresses which respond on its segment. All the materials responding to the request are stored in the final inventory (formatted XML) sent to the server.

In a second step, SNMP scans will refine the data collected by IP discovery. By using SNMP scans, you will be able to retrieve different information about network devices: copiers, switches, computers that do not have an agent, routers, etc.

glpi ocs inventory

Third-party tool compatibility

Interfacing OCS Inventory with a third-party management tool is possible!

Since version 2.4, the OCS Inventory server provides a Web Service that can be used via REST API. This Web Service is available from the OCS Inventory communication server.

Most OCS Inventory users are already enjoying the potential of this feature with  :

  • ITSM-NG, complete information system management solution (helpdesk, asset management, contract and license management, statistics, etc.)

  • GLPI

  • CMDBuild

  • iTOP

  • Etc...

plugins ocs


Many plugins are already available to further optimize your OCS Inventory. You can find all the extensions already available on

Among the most famous (and almost essential) plugins:

  • VMWare Vcenter inventory: visualize the information of each of your VMs in your hypervisor

  • Installed drivers: get infoabout driver versions

  • User installed apps: also know the applications installed directly by users

  • Etc.

cve ocs inventory

CVE detection

Thanks to the "CVE Search" feature, your OCS Inventory is able to tell you if certain machines are exposed to more or less critical software security vulnerabilities.

By cross-referencing the data from the CVE-Miter register with that of your fleet inventory, you can be alerted and thus act according to the degree of criticality indicated in OCS Inventory.

Thanks to this tool, OCS Inventory also becomes a key part of your risk prevention strategyin cybersecurity.

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