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All the new features : version after version

OCS Inventory Version 2.12.1 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.12.1 has been released.

Web console

  • Add destroy session at the end of crontabs

  • Add software index to improve performance

  • Add reconciliation between IpDiscover and SNMP devices

  • Update german translation

  • Improve deployment stats message

  • Improve CAS connection

  • Improve SSO connection

  • Fix launch deployment option

  • Fix search on computer details deployment page

  • Fix XSS in uploaded notification template

  • Fix accountinfo field types

  • Fix blank page when using SSO_ONLY

  • Fix prevent use of quotes in admin data

  • Fix CVE example file URL

  • Fix package group query if group is empty


Communication server

  • Fix forced deployment on groups

  • Fix dynamic groups and special characters issue

OCS Inventory Version 2.12.0 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.12.0 has been released.

Web console

  • Add CVE search link

  • Add settings to hide bios diagram on dashboard

  • Add package deployment statistics on group page

  • Add EXEC mode choice for linux bash script options in build package

  • Add itmgmt_comments table to multisearch

  • Add usb devices table in devices tab on computer details

  • Add visual differenciation between active computers and archived computers

  • Add no wrap text on server information if it is too long

  • Add accountinfo type number

  • Add crontab to clean orphan hardware_id

  • Improve all software search filters

  • Improve computer package deployment date format

  • Improve all software crontab execution

  • Improve crontab logs

  • Improve software version

  • Improve network scans

  • Update empty-sql files

  • Fix layouts not displaying for LDAP/CAS users

  • Fix deployment end of line encoding for linux/macos

  • Fix php-fpm 8.1 and php 8 warnings

  • Fix import CSV in all software page if return of line is CR+LF

  • Fix case sensitive schedule_wol tablename

  • Fix advance configuration tab not hidden if is off

  • Fix date format for Russian and Spanish translations

  • Fix IpDiscover search function

  • Fix SNMP multisearch

  • Fix SNMP accountinfo

  • Fix wrong collation being used for MariaDB

  • Fix accountinfo type update

  • Fix display of accountinfo value of type select,checkbox and radiobutton on multicriteria

  • Fix require file path in all crontabs

  • Fix notification execution

  • Fix php warning on LDAP filters

  • Fix all software count

  • Fix checkbox not displayed in all computers

  • Fix activation package if the port is in the URL

  • Fix groups creation

  • Fix hidden update agent teledeploy

  • Fix accountinfo checkbox value with spaces

  • Fix restrictive size of LDAP filter configuration fields

  • Decode special html char &, < and >, except quotes to prevent SQL injection


Communication server

  • Improve network scans

  • Improve software version

  • Prevent SQL duplicate entry errors

  • Fix not a HASH reference and fix old code behavior

  • Remove old softwares table references

OCS Inventory Version 2.11.1 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.11.1 has been released.

Web console

  • Fix rename column syntax not supported by MySQL < 8 and MariaDB < 10.5.2

  • Fix multisearch with is null operator

  • Fix user display page

OCS Inventory Version 2.11.0 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.11.0 has been released.

Web console

  • Add last inventory date in SNMP type

  • Add migrate function to add lastdate column on existing SNMP type tables

  • Add SNMP stats in dashboard (display only if SNMP is enabled)

  • Add SNMP details page

  • Add SNMP XML export on details page

  • Add SNMP multisearch (display only if SNMP is enabled)

  • Add CSV export all SNMP types

  • Add administrative data for SNMP

  • Add filter by OS / group / TAG / asset category in all software page

  • Add filter by import computer name in CSV file in all software page

  • Add right to manage saved searches

  • Add manage layouts page

  • Add layouts permissions in profile

  • Add visiblity parameter to layout table (Only me / My group / All users)

  • Add report notifications for static and dynamic groups

  • Add all software count for restricted users

  • Add tab for activated package in group page

  • Improve and fix security

  • Update traductions

  • Update scheduledupdateagent.ps1

  • Update ipdiscover date when peripherals updated

  • Display the default DNS and gateway registered in hardware table in all computers page

  • Get logged user for data entered in ipdiscover identified

  • Fix adding new multisearch parameter after all software count redirection

  • Fix wrong OR operator with is null in multisearch

  • Fix generated query with doesn't contain parameter in multisearch

  • Fix multisearch condition for lock result

  • Fix missing parenthesis with is null parameter in multisearch

  • Fix user data display after delete profile

  • Fix all computers replay in dynamic groups

  • Fix MySQL error traduction in install.php

  • Fix group dropdown in computer details

  • Fix CVE vendor normalize

  • Fix LDAP filter number not displayed correctly

  • Fix double utf-8 encode for the software dropdown in software category

  • Fix layout column index changed when create new computer admin data

  • Fix empty inserted value in EXPORT_SEP parameter

  • Fix wrong charset on some tables

  • Fix php warnings

  • Fix typo

  • Remove useless function files

  • Remove all old SNMP details pages

  • Removed all "All Computers" layouts due to change in saved data structure


Communication server

  • Add lastupdate API endpoint to retrieve last updated computers data

  • Add more explicit ipdiscover logs

  • Add first SNMP accountinfo row in DB for SNMP inventory

  • Fix software deadlock

  • Fix heavy DB load by prevent macaddress query



  • The LDAP fix remove the LDAP configuration

  • The layout fix remove all layouts created in all computers page

OCS Inventory Version 2.10.0 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce the release of version 2.10.0 of the server.

Web console

  • Added PHP8 compatibility

  • Added save table layout functionality

  • Added archive/restore actions to GUI LOGS

  • Added CAS connection functionality

  • Added last contact custom interval configuration in dashboard

  • Added plugin deployment for Unix systems

  • Added configuration to exclude archived machines from the interface

  • Improved Archive/Restore functionality

  • Improved LDAP login functionality

  • Improved display of Software category regular expressions

  • Password Encryption Update

  • Fixed loading subnets taking too long on connection

  • Fixed enabling display of packages for each language

  • Fixed Archive/Restore action

  • Fixed multi-lookup query if operator IS NULL

  • Fixed deletion of software categories

  • Fixed SNMP mib file reading

  • Fixed group saved searches for LDAP and CAS users

  • Correct rights on actions column

  • Fix CVE 2021-46355

  • Fixed IpDiscover export

  • Fixed IpDiscover bugs

  • Fixed blank page after network type creation

  • Removed profile rights override on extensions pages

Communication Server

  • Improved comparison of server version and agent version

  • Fixed software category inventory

  • Force BIOS data update


Agent Unix 2.9.3

  • Retrieving the operating system installation date

  • Added an example of log rotation for cron jobs


OCS Inventory Version 2.9.2 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce the release of version 2.9.2 of the server.


Web console

  • Added archive button on computer details page

  • Added local import

  • Adding a default type on SNMP

  • Added default deployment protocol in configuration

  • Added HARDWARE_ID field in netmap table

  • Add missing primary keys

  • Added cleanup of software related tables

  • Improved SNMP functionality (added several conditions)

  • SNMP v3 enhancement

  • Improved LDAP filter configuration

  • Updating Software Tables ID to BIGINT

  • Fixed ipdiscover not showing server scan data

  • Fixed SSL configuration check

  • Fixed subnet table display

  • Fixed custom theme

  • Correction on the display of the number of duplicates after the merge

  • Fixed inserting SNMP configuration with mib file

  • Fixes for security issues

  • Fixed LDAP connection if default profile is empty

The SNMP scan must have the new 2.9.0 agent installed to work properly.


Communication server

  • Improved SNMP functionality

  • SNMP v3 enhancement

  • Improved error log for duplicates

  • IpDiscover utility update

  • Fixed API JSON format


Agent Unix 2.9.0

  • Added new screen maker

  • update

  • Product name change for Lenovo systems

  • Small improvements in parsing of config file options

  • Checking if XML is valid before submitting

  • Fixed Unix user inventory

  • Fix a Raspberry has no serial number

  • Fixed last command timeout

  • Fixed memory issue on MacOS

  • Fixed empty value for IP address when it contains 127

  • Fixed IpDiscover compilation

  • Fixed lshw storage discovery failure on servers with single device

  • Fixed group members showing HASH instead of value

  • Fixed inventor mishandling in RHEL

  • Fixed bad gateway behavior with multiple network interfaces

  • Fix badly formatted XML

  • Fixed Ubuntu 21.10 reported as Ubuntu 11.0 issue

  • Remove inventory from devtmpfs partition

Please note that updating to this version is recommended if you plan to use SNMP scanning, especially if you have a lot of network devices to inventory.


OCS Inventory Version 2.9.1 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is happy to announce the release of version 2.9.1 of the server.

Web console

  • Added a CVE crontab per machine

  • Added CVEs in machine details

  • Added Architecture column for Software

  • Added serial number display on groups page

  • Added commented lines to disable SSL check when running CVE crontab

  • Added removal of software that is no longer attached to a machine

  • Improved Agent update script via deployment

  • German translation update

  • Memory capacity update to INT

  • Correction of the search on administrative data of the select type in the multicriteria

  • Correction of the French translation

  • MySQL reserved word fix

  • Fixed direct paths in crontabs

  • Fixed CVE links

  • Fixed versions in CVE per machine

  • Correction of duplicates

  • Correction of networks identified by IpDiscover

  • Correction of the display of administrative data of type select and checked box in machines by TAG

  • Translation correction in multi-criteria

  • Fixed Agent per Deployment update script compatibility with older Powershell versions

  • Fixed deployment success statistics

  • Fixed compatibility with MySQL 8 when deleting a machine

  • Fixed special characters in LDAP passwords

  • Removal of redistribution servers

  • Removed ms_tele_package.php file


Communication server

  • Added Architecture column for Software

  • Added a configuration making the API inaccessible from the outside by default

  • Fixed Perl warnings in and

  • Fixed software API routes

  • Fixed IpDiscover API routes

  • Fixed double json encoding on API

  • Fixed incorrect software installation date formats for Windows and Linux

OCS Inventory Version 2.9 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is happy to announce the release of version 2.9 of the server.

Web console

  • Redesign of the remote deployment functionality

  • Redesign of the duplicate management interface

  • Added secure authentication

  • Added secure passwords

  • Added customizable CSS for the login page

  • Added CSV import of administrative data

  • Added a crontab to populate the All Software page

  • Added crontab to purge deleted packages from history

  • Added package auto activation

  • Added an IpDiscover scan from the server

  • Improved CVE API calls

  • Chinese translation update

  • Display of special characters in tables and CSV exports

  • Fixed CVE warnings

  • Fix CVE regex

  • Fix RCE from SNMP configuration

  • Fixed SQL injection from All Machines page

  • Correction of the datetime field of the multicriteria

  • Fixed Unix user inventory

  • Fix MySQLi warnings

  • Fixed checkbox visibility for static groups

  • Correction of dictionaries

  • Removal of package editing

  • Deletion of the accesslog table in the multicriteria

The OCS Inventory team would like to thank the companyXMCOfor the analyzes carried out on OCS in order to correct and improve the security of our tool on version 2.9.

Communication Server

  • Added API route to list all software

  • Adding CVEs in the REST API

  • Adding the temporary directory

  • Unixusers model update

  • Updated URLs in the README

  • Improved software processing

  • Fixed unixusers

  • Fixed orphan rows related to duplicates

  • Fix retrieval of software installation dates

  • Fixed software warnings

  • Fixed queries for MySQL 8

OCS Inventory Version 2.8.1 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is happy to announce the release of the minor version 2.8.1 of the server as well as the Unix agent.

Web console

  • Added IpDiscover purge configuration

  • Added translation related to IpDiscover purge

  • Added IpDiscover purge crontab

  • Add Unix users in computer details

  • Added explicit error message when configuring SNMP type

  • Updated ocsbase.sql file for clean install

  • Spanish, German and Brazilian translation update

  • Authorization of – and _ for the connection

  • Fixed role assignment, especially when using memberof

  • Fixed multi-criteria search for dynamic groups

  • Correction of the display of software in the dictionary

  • Fixed IpDiscover subnet list

  • Fixed IpDiscover form when inventory is not linked to a TAG

  • Fixed reference link in CVE reports

  • Fixed special characters for labels and types on SNMP configuration

  • Fixed deleting users

  • Fixed CVE regex matching

  • Fix PHP warning

  • Remove local ocs file import

  • Removed old plugin manager page

The SNMP scan must have the new 2.8.1 agent installed to work properly.

Local import is still available using the perl injector or the new PowerShell injector.

Communication server

  • Software insertion optimization

  • Added PowerShell version of Perl injector

  • Added unixusers plugin as core module

  • Added a timeout option on the perl injector

  • Fixed NULL date on IPDiscover

  • Fixed SNMP inventory

  • Fixed IPDiscover REST API routes

  • Fixed handling of IPDiscover ignored networks

  • Fix HASH reference error on IPDiscover inventory

  • Fixed MySQL 8 compatibility

  • Remove old references/ocsplugins from config

Unix agent

  • Added management of byte strings on SNMP scan

  • Added retry and timeout configuration for SNMP scan

  • Fix perl warnings on HASH references

  • Fixed warning on SNMP scan

  • Correction of the size of recovery of values to avoid any loss of information

  • Removed old SNMP scanning feature

Please note that updating to this version is recommended if you plan to use SNMP scanning, especially if you have a lot of network devices to inventory.


  • The inventory of firewalls will be published in the coming days

  • The XML comparison will be published in the next few days


OCS Inventory Version 2.8 – What's New

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce the release of version 2.8 of the server.

This release is focused on improving the overall inventory capabilities of OCS. Major improvements have been made to the Unix Agent. We have also carried out a complete overhaul of our SNMP functionality to allow our users to create their own inventory model and import their MIBs files into OCS.

Web console

  • Redesign of the interface and SNMP configuration

  • Redesign of IpDiscover

  • Revamp of LDAP Authentication

  • Overhaul of the software inventory

  • Added MySQL 8 compatibility

  • Added CVE mapping

  • Added Chinese translation

  • Bugfix


Communication server

  • Added MySQL 8 compatibility

  • Update REST API for snmp/ipdiscover

  • Improved REST API for software

  • Fixed minor bugs

Other tools

  • Major improvement on our Windows Packager

  • Docker improvement, updated with latest features


  • Plugin for Azure Hosts and VMs available

  • Nutanix Inventory Plugin

  • VSphere plugin using PowerVI tools (powershell)




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