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Additional features

Explore the additional features offered by OCS Inventory!

GreenIT plugin: evaluate the power consumption of your computer park and estimate its energy cost.

CVE Search functionality: Quickly detect relevant vulnerabilities and take steps to secure your information system against security threats.

CVE Search


What is CVE Search ?

CVE are security vulnerabilities in software, operating systems, or devices, and can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.

Its operation is as simple as it is effective! Once the CVE Search feature is integrated into your OCS Inventory, a daily scan of CVE vulnerabilities is performed automatically and allows you to take the necessary measures to ensure the security of your computer park.

Improve the visibility of IT managers

The CVE Search feature of OCS Inventory gives you a global and simplified view of all CVE vulnerabilities in your IT fleet. A clear inventory report allows you to prioritize CVE security breaches across your entire IT infrastructure.

CVE Search allows you to quickly find relevant vulnerabilities and take steps to protect your information system from security threats.

A detailed view of the detected CVE is available, grouped into 3 separate tables:

  • By CVSS: by classifying security vulnerabilities by the CVSS vulnerability score in order to allow you to act in criticality order

  • By software: analyze which software is affected by a CVE vulnerability. Get more details by clicking on the details icon 🔍

  • By computer: know which machine in your computer park is concerned, and get an accurate listing of the CVE security vulnerabilities associated with it.



Why should I use GreenIT ?

The Green IT plugin of OCS Inventory allows you to map the power consumption of your computer equipment. This data helps you identify the most energy-consuming equipment and why. GreenIT will offer you the opportunity to evaluate the energy costs of your infrastructure according to your electricity suppliers. Calculate how much you will save and take a step towards adopting practices aimed at reducing the environmental impact of your computer park.

The ecological management of your computer park becomes possible with the GreenIT plugin!

The big picture

All your energy data is summarized in a clear and intuitive dashboard, which compiles your average and total consumption, in kilowatt hours (kW/H) and in euros (€).

The dashboard allows you to analyze and compare your energy data according to the defined periods:

  • Previous day statistics

  • Comparison of data over 30 days and 365 days

  • Comparative diagram cost (€) / consumption (KWh)

GreenIT dashboard

Get into detail

The GreenIT plugin allows you to get detailed information about your electrical consumption,enabling you to decide on actions to take to reduce your environmental impact.

Using the filters, you have a very precise view of your energy consumption, by different criteria:

  • Operating system

  • Asset class

  • Groups you have defined

  • Etc.

You have a global view of your energy consumption according to the chosen criteria, with a varied range of dashboards at your fingertips.

GreenIT dashboard filtered view
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