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Mises à jour 2.11.0 (changelog)

OCS Inventory Server Version 2.11.0 – Les nouveautés

L’Équipe OCS Inventory est heureuse de vous annoncer la sortie de la version 2.11.0 du serveur.

Web console

  • Add last inventory date in SNMP type

  • Add migrate function to add lastdate column on existing SNMP type tables

  • Add SNMP stats in dashboard (display only if SNMP is enabled)

  • Add SNMP details page

  • Add SNMP XML export on details page

  • Add SNMP multisearch (display only if SNMP is enabled)

  • Add CSV export all SNMP types

  • Add administrative data for SNMP

  • Add filter by OS / group / TAG / asset category in all software page

  • Add filter by import computer name in CSV file in all software page

  • Add right to manage saved searches

  • Add manage layouts page

  • Add layouts permissions in profile

  • Add visiblity parameter to layout table (Only me / My group / All users)

  • Add report notifications for static and dynamic groups

  • Add all software count for restricted users

  • Add tab for activated package in group page

  • Improve and fix security

  • Update traductions

  • Update scheduledupdateagent.ps1

  • Update ipdiscover date when peripherals updated

  • Display the default DNS and gateway registered in hardware table in all computers page

  • Get logged user for data entered in ipdiscover identified

  • Fix adding new multisearch parameter after all software count redirection

  • Fix wrong OR operator with is null in multisearch

  • Fix generated query with doesn't contain parameter in multisearch

  • Fix multisearch condition for lock result

  • Fix missing parenthesis with is null parameter in multisearch

  • Fix user data display after delete profile

  • Fix all computers replay in dynamic groups

  • Fix MySQL error traduction in install.php

  • Fix group dropdown in computer details

  • Fix CVE vendor normalize

  • Fix LDAP filter number not displayed correctly

  • Fix double utf-8 encode for the software dropdown in software category

  • Fix layout column index changed when create new computer admin data

  • Fix empty inserted value in EXPORT_SEP parameter

  • Fix wrong charset on some tables

  • Fix php warnings

  • Fix typo

  • Remove useless function files

  • Remove all old SNMP details pages

  • Removed all "All Computers" layouts due to change in saved data structure

Serveur de communication

  • Add lastupdate API endpoint to retrieve last updated computers data

  • Add more explicit ipdiscover logs

  • Add first SNMP accountinfo row in DB for SNMP inventory

  • Fix software deadlock

  • Fix heavy DB load by prevent macaddress query

Notes :

  • The LDAP fix remove the LDAP configuration

  • The layout fix remove all layouts created in all computers page

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